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iPhone Offline Feed Reader, at last!

Long time no post!

It seems that iPhone developers heard what I was claiming in my last post.

The iPhone users around the world are able to get in touch with their feeds even when far from Wi-Fi hotspots. NewsGator has released NetNewsWire for iPhone:



It’s only available for devices with software 2.0 (3G or not), because it can only be downloaded in App Store. It doesn’t cost a thing and, so far, woks pretty good. I’m using it with a ruge amount of data: a litte bit more than 2,300 feeds!

I continue thinking that Apple should include this feature in the next version of iTunes: Podcasts and text feeds side-by-side.

By the other hand, I still miss WidSets. I Wish I could use it on my iPhone. Imagine that awesome graphical dashboard in a multitouch 3,5″ screen!


Good memories of WidSets

I used to be happy with WidSets

At that time, I could download my preferred feeds and read them everywhere offline on my Nokia Phone.

Now, using an iPhone, I have a bigger screen, Wi-Fi conectivity, a nice usability due to the multitouch screen and many other advantages of the Apple’s blockbuster. But I can’t read my feeds when I am not near from a hotspot. Ironically, I can download audio and video podcasts from iTunes, synchronize my device and listen/see them later. Why can’t I do the same with my RSS feeds?

There are many iPhone webapps to read RSS (even Netvibes has an iPhone specific version), but no one works offline. Unfortunately, neither WidSets will be the savior because it’s not compatible with iPhone (requires Java MIDP 2.0).

I’ve been looking for an iPhone RSS Reader that works offline. That’s my message:

  • If you know one, please let me know, leaving a comment; I will really appreciate it.
  • If you are a iPhone developer, that’s a good idea of a new application;
  • If you are from WidSets development team, it’s time to code a new version compatible to iPhone;
  • If you are from iTunes development team, feeds (as well as podcasts) downloading an synchronization would be really good feature.

In any case, I will really appreciate it.