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New Simulink Blog on MATLAB Central

Just a few months ago, I posted about the blogs on MATLAB Central. There were 4 blogs about MATLAB: Doug’s Pick of the Week, Inside the MATLAB Desktop, Loren on the Art of MATLAB and Steve on Image Processing.

All those blogs are quite good, but it was too much attention for MATLAB itselft and nothing specific for Simulink. This injustice no longer exists. there’s a brand new exclusive Simulink Blog: Seth on Simulink (http://blogs.mathworks.com/seth/). I recommend it for all who uses this powerful but not worthly explored simulation tool (I think most people strangely prefers coding rather than connecting blocks!).

Yahoo! Pipes and Widsets Widget for MATLAB Central Blogs were updated. Check it out:

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Mashing up the MATLAB Central Blogs

Although there are many sites, blogs and other resources about MATLAB on the web, one is worth be the frequently accessed by users: MATLAB Central, an official exchange area for users community. Inside, there are 4 blogs I like:

  • Loren on the Art of MATLAB: Loren Shure works on design of the MATLAB language at The MathWorks. She writes here about once a week on MATLAB programming and related topics.
  • Doug’s Pick of the Week: Doug is an Application Engineer at The MathWorks. A MATLAB user since 1994, he gets paid to live, eat, and breathe MATLAB! Each week, he highlights a submission from the File Exchange that he finds useful or interesting.
  • Steve on Image Processing: Steve Eddins manages the Image & Geospatial development team at The MathWorks and coauthored Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB. He writes here about image processing concepts, algorithm implementations, and MATLAB.
  • Inside the MATLAB Desktop: The MATLAB Desktop team, comprised of eight developers, builds the main user interface for MATLAB, including the Command Window, the Editor, and the Current Directory browser.

Using pipes again, I decided to join the four feeds (what also includes some podcasts) into one:

MATLAB Blogs Pipe

If you use Netvibes, add it to your page:

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To get this feed into your mobile phone, I also created a WidSets widget:

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