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iPhone Offline Feed Reader, at last!

Long time no post!

It seems that iPhone developers heard what I was claiming in my last post.

The iPhone users around the world are able to get in touch with their feeds even when far from Wi-Fi hotspots. NewsGator has released NetNewsWire for iPhone:



It’s only available for devices with software 2.0 (3G or not), because it can only be downloaded in App Store. It doesn’t cost a thing and, so far, woks pretty good. I’m using it with a ruge amount of data: a litte bit more than 2,300 feeds!

I continue thinking that Apple should include this feature in the next version of iTunes: Podcasts and text feeds side-by-side.

By the other hand, I still miss WidSets. I Wish I could use it on my iPhone. Imagine that awesome graphical dashboard in a multitouch 3,5″ screen!