Monthly Archives: January 2008

Scientific American Math Feeds Widget

For those who appreciate to read math articles, and specially for who reads Scientific American Math Section, that’s a way to get in touch everywhere using your mobile phone: a brand new WidSets widget I created:

Sciam Math Widget

To add it to you dashboard, click the button bellow:

Add to my Widsets

If WidSets sounds unfamiliar to you, spend a few minutes reading an introductory post that I wrote about it.


Back to the classes

Last week I got an enjoyable novelty in my mailbox: the acceptance letter of Masters application. I applied to Postgraduate Electrical Engineering Program at UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) in Electronics/Signal Processing area.

I am very glad to be accepted for many reasons:

  • First of all, I am thirsty of breathing the academical air. I stopped breathing it since I interrupted the masters I was taking at UFPE (Federal University of Pernambuco – also in Electrical Engineering Program in Signal Processing area. I am sick and tired of only reading papers. I do want to write them too!
  • UFRJ’s Electrical Engineering Program owns a fantastic reputation in the academia and industry as well. It is on top of Brazilian Ministry of Education ranking.
  • The diversity and quality of the faculty members is awesome: most of them with a huge amount of publications, an intense research activity and some really active members of IEEE.
  • Besides all of this, (at least here in Brazil) Masters is a necessary step to the Doctorate studies.

I am really motivated to get started, but I need to wait until march.

It’s not a bird, a plane, much less the Superman

It’s been a long time since my last post! I’ve had fabulous vacation days in my hometown in Northeastern Brazil: Recife. But there was something strange in one of the pictures that I took at Cinco Pontas Fort (formerly known as Frederick Henrich Fort by the Dutch Colonizers who build it in 1630). I just wanted to photograph the Recife’s flag and I saw that elliptical thing on the top of the picture.

UFO Recife

Since nobody knows how to explain what it is (at least so far)… it can be considered an UFO. It doesn’t look like a bird, a plane, much less the Superman. I am not such an extraterrestrials believer and not a photography expert neither. So, if you know what it could be, please leave a comment.