Monthly Archives: October 2007

Getting started

Yes, this is my first post! I think I should had started blogging before, but… it’s never late.

I definitely have no big expectations about this blog. I just want to share some ideas I have and discuss some issues of my interest. This blog also will not be necessarily thematic, although most of posts probably will be somehow related to my professional and/or academic interests.

Certainly, some of my brazilian colleagues and friends question the reason of my blog is written in english, instead of my native and preferred language, portuguese. For those, I just have to say that, in my opinion, portuguese is and always will be the most beautiful language I ever knew (though, I don’t know so many others), but no other language could have a bigger audience than english, primarily when talking about technical issues. I do hate when results of my queries on the internet are in languages that I don’t understand, so that is my counterpart for all non-portuguese language readers. I only ask the ones who speaks english to apologize any eventual (or frequent) english mistake. Ok?

So, let’s get started. My (real) first post will be published soon.